• General Questions

    • Can I install this silencer valve in any toilet?
      This valve is intended for two piece toilet systems, which is the most common toilet found in a household.
    • Do I need to hire a plumber to install the valve?
      Not really, as the installation process is very simple and no tools are required.
    • Will I be able to completely eliminate the flushing noise? 
      The noisier the flushing action of the toilet, the better the results.
    • If I change my mind can I quickly and easily remove the valve?
      Definitely, as it is very easy to do, and you can take it to another location or just put it away until needed again.

  • About Us

    • Where are you located?
      We are an American Company located in West Palm Beach, Florida.
    • What are your working hours?
      We answer the phone from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PT, but we are accessible through Internet 24/7. 
    • Do the Company people use this noise reducing valve at home and office?
      Yes we do, and we are very happy with the results.
    • Where do you manufacture the valve?
      The valve is manufactured in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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